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Right now, there is no battery storage system that satisfies the needs of the entire grid. All of the possible solutions fail for three main reasons; affordability, scalability and degradation of electrodes (and therefore efficiency) over time. 
Affordable, scalable, and efficient.
The Ocean Battery was a new Hybrid Redox-Flow battery that solves all three of these key problems. Due to the nature of materials used, it is an eco-friendly, renewable, economical, scalable and non-degrading solution to intermittency in renewables when compared to our competitors.




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The Solution to Grid-Level Energy Storage



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The wind does not always blow and the sun does not always shine and this causes fluctuations in the grid. When the output of renewables is lower than the grid demand we burn fossil fuels in peaker plants to supplement the power supply. But, when the output of renewables is higher than the grid demand, we waste the energy which in Ontario, Canada, alone equated to over $1 billion lost by hydro/utility companies. With sufficient battery storage systems, you can store the excess energy and release it when the grid needs supplementation; effectively replacing peaker plants.

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 Hydrolysis Apparatus


Neutralization Cell

How It Works

 Hydrolysis Apparatus - Storage - Neutralization Cell

The Ocean Battery is a hybrid redox flow battery that uses the hydrolysis of water through membrane electrodialysis to split water into a strong acid and base. The battery stores potential energy as chemical energy and releases it through a proprietary neutralization cell. This is a cyclical process that starts with salt water, creates two new compounds and ends with salt water so that it can be used on a continuous basis.