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Join The Team

Fill out the following form and we will reply to your email as soon as possible to talk about the next steps. There are always volunteer positions in the lab, in our offices and outside. We are looking for students and professionals of all levels from Gr. 12 to Graduate students. If you fit well with the team, there are part-time paid positions that will be made available to those who share the spirit of the company, show an ability to learn and innovate, and are willing to get their hands dirty.


All volunteer positions will be working toward a Work Experience Certificate that involves training with the industry tools in your field, professional workplace and safety certifications and the opportunity to gain industry experience.

Lab Associate

Work with Sebastian, CEO & CSO, in a Science Team to research and optimize the processes of the Ocean Battery. Project-specific work with lab and research components. Looking for individuals who can work as a team, design, iterate, research and stay organized. Should be interested or have qualifications in electrochemistry, materials science, membrane science or analytical chemistry. 


Financial Associate

Work with Brendan, CFO, to access external funding opportunities and work on accounting responsibilities. Work on the individual components of the PhosphoPOWER Group portfolio with project-based work that uses accounting and written application components. Looking for individuals who can be independent workers, are analytical, have good communication skills and are interested in the relationship between science and business. Should be interested or have qualifications in accounting, written applications for grants and pitch competitions, or financial strategy.


Business Associate

Work to create and implement business and marketing strategies. Work in recruitment, marketing, pitch competitions, PR, HR, CRM, and business analytics. Looking for individuals who can work as a team, see the big picture, have analytical skills and interested in the relationship between science and business. Should be interested or have qualifications in marketing, HR, business analytics, public speaking or CRM. *Some positions require travel*

Engineering Associate

Work with Sebastian and the KPM Team in designing and building the final Ocean Battery. Project-based work with designing, machining, and manufacturing components. Looking for individuals with a passion for building, design, machining, teamwork, and innovation. Applicants should be interested or have qualifications in mechanical, mechatronics, electrical, systems, or chemical engineering.

*Unfortunately we are not taking applications at this time. Stay tuned for future updates!*



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Tel: 613-572-0237